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Brandon Sua is one of 4 siblings. His older brother is a paramedic firefighter, and Brandon, his identical brother and sister are triplets. His tireless parents instilled in all 4 of their children the grass roots values of family, hard work, and the importance of education. His sister is a Speech Pathologists for the Child Development Institute, and his Identical brother is a Radiation Oncologist, specializing in the treatment of cancer patients. What is the common Sua family theme? Help others, whatever it takes!



Brandon shares a fascination with the Martial Arts as many others do; However, his association and family history with the sport is unique compared to most. Since the age of four he has trained in submission style fighting, primarily coached by his Samoan father, Raymond, who himself competed for the US Men’s Team, and was ranked as the 2nd Greatest Fighter in the Nation by Karate Magazine. From his Martial Arts training Brandon brings a ‘never giving up’ attitude to his daily work routine.



Brandon sees it as his duty, and is indeed committed to balancing the scales of justice. Offended by what he interprets as rampant socio-economic and cultural inequities, he cannot resist taking up the cause and defending the position taken by those he perceives as unable, or unlikely, to succeed if they have no option but to fight alone.


Describing the practice of Criminal Defense as rewarding, Brandon feels, “… to be a successful Criminal Defense attorney, one must truly believe in the purpose of an adversarial justice system. It takes a certain kind of person to excel in this discipline, strength of character, benevolence of heart, concepts that must be inherent and cannot be learned. One must be aggressive yet compassionate, humble yet confident.” In pursuing a career in Criminal Defense, it is important to Brandon to work shoulder to shoulder with a team he believes in. He is proud that he has created a home with reliable professionals at The Law Offices of Brandon Sua & Associates.

At the Law Offices of Brandon Sua & Associates, our Attorneys are experienced working with former police officers and prosecutors. Knowing both sides of the law has provided our Attorneys with superior knowledge to intelligently and aggressively fight your case. Mr. Sua’s experience, together with our private detectives and forensic experts, draw on many years experience and defense strategies. They know firsthand how cops and district attorneys put together cases. Mr. Sua & his associates use this insider knowledge to your advantage in fighting your criminal charges.

Aggressive, Compassionate Approach to all cases

Law offices of Brandon Sua & Associates
Law offices of Brandon Sua & Associates Law offices of Brandon Sua & Associates

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Law offices of Brandon Sua & Associates
Law offices of Brandon Sua & Associates
Law offices of Brandon Sua & Associates

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